“It is well established now that one can in fact improve the quality of health care and reduce the costs at the same time.”

Susan Dentzer, Health Affair’s Editor-in-Chief

This is exactly the principle behind the growing movement toward patient-centered care.  Physicians practicing patient-centered care improve their patients’ clinical outcomes and satisfaction rates by improving the quality of the doctor-patient relationship, while at the same time decreasing the utilization of diagnostic testing, prescriptions, hospitalizations, and referrals.  Patient-centered practitioners focus on improving different aspects of the patient-physician interaction by employing measurable skills and behaviors. This type of care can be employed by physicians in any specialty, and it is effective across disease types.

Patient-centered care replaces our current physician centered system with one that revolves around the patient.  Effective care is generally defined by or in consultation with patients rather than by physician dependent tools or standards. 

This quality program is designed to incentivize providers to improve quality and reduce costs for a defined patient population by rewarding the providers with a percentage of net savings achieved as a result of their efforts. 

  • Savings achieved are shared with providers who meet satisfactory levels of quality improvement.

  • Savings shared with providers are determined on a population basis.

  • Providers enrolled in quality care programs with insurance companies have their performance measured against established program clinical quality and efficiency measures.

MassCare’s Innovative Approach

MassCare's services provide detailed reporting which is needed to track and trend patient and provider utilization. We can identify high utilization patterns that may require interventions on the part of the MSO/IPA to manage costs and profitability while maintaining quality care for the patient. 

Our proprietary system systematically analyzes and manages actual patient data. The system pinpoints high risk/high cost patients and their activity to allow a provider to intervene before a medical event, hospital admission or an unnecessary cost occurs. We have the ability to track all quality measures set by CMS. This in turn allows practices to track all patients at an even deeper level, leading to total patient wellness, as well as maximizing your Shared Savings.

  • No Start-up Fees

  • No Maintenance fees

  • Just a Per Encounter cost structure

MassCare provides works with providers to improve the efficiency and profitability of their quality care programs.