MassCare Announces New Client Implementation at Internal Medicine of Milford, P.C.

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MassCare, LLC announced a successful launch and implementation of its AWV and CCM solutions with Internal Medicine of Milford, P.C. (IMM), an innovative healthcare provider of Patient Centered Care located in Milford, Connecticut.

The selection of MassCare as IMM’s AWV & CCM program provider came after an internal evaluation of the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver these two critical Population Health Management programs being promoted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

MassCare has grown to be one of the most respected and admired AWV & CCM program providers in the country. Built upon reputation, MassCare is a leader in bringing both staff and technology solutions to the healthcare industry, offering customers a unique array of technology and services unavailable elsewhere.

“We initially launched both AWV and CCM programs using internal staff resources and although successful, we recognized that the programs had room for advancement in terms of patient saturation, comprehensiveness and efficiencies.” said Lorri Brown-Ominsky IMM’s Practice Administrator. “MassCare differentiated itself on a number of levels, including company values, approach of leveraging clinical pharmacists, turn-key program management, streamlined implementation and clinical excellence." Brown-Ominsky continued, “We’ve always strived to be the most innovative clinic in the greater Milford area by providing proactive care to our patients, and MassCare’s team and approach align well with our organizational culture.”

IMM’s Dr. Paris Spanolios, M.D. stated, “I sit on the board of directors for Community Medical Group, which is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), servicing over 400,000+ Medicare members with over 1200 providers. Community Medical Group prides itself on providing comprehensive, proactive patient-centered care. MassCare’s programs align well with our mission of enhancing patient care through closing care gaps and by adding a clinical pharmacist to our patients’ care team. This enables us to drive down healthcare costs related to Adverse Drug Reactions and Medication Management, while increasing quality outcomes and reaching our ACO goals."

Dan Miller, Co-founder and CFO of MassCare, says, “We are thrilled to begin working with the staff and Providers at Internal Medicine of Milford. They are a large, innovative and extremely well-organized practice. We’re excited to work with the entire organization to bring our pharmacist-led services to their patient population. Our programs aim to provide proactive care to chronically ill patients, with the goal of improving their health and outcomes while ultimately lowering overall healthcare costs.”

MassCare is a health-tech and services organization that proactively works with patients to change their lifestyle and behaviors, to improve outcomes and close care gaps, therefore lowering the overall cost of healthcare. At the same time, our programs increase the level of reimbursements physicians and hospital systems earn from Medicare and commercial insurance companies.

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Internal Medicine of Milford, P.C. is an internal and family medicine practice for adults aged 18 years old and above. We provide comprehensive health services, including acute and preventative care, chronic disease management, pulmonology, in-office testing, and more. We provide compassionate, high-quality care to help you meet your unique healthcare goals and needs.

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of care to our patients and the communities we serve. To achieve our mission, we are dedicated to continually improving the quality of care and services that we deliver; fostering qualified, responsive staff members, and staying updated of advances in administrative services and patient care.

Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in providing innovative, high-quality care. We will set a new standard for delivering responsive, accessible, and compassionate patient care. We will foster an environment that will attract and support highly-skilled and competent physicians and staff.

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